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Susan Rappaport -- Yoga, Posture Cycle®, Pilates, Spine Align, Zen Warrior, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor, Transition To Fitness Coach

Just about everyone has the ability to feel better about their bodies. Honoring our physical selves helps us stay connected to our bodies and care for ourselves in ways that benefit us for a lifetime. Having struggled with obesity and decades of diet failures, I thought I could never succeed with fitness. I learned that with a gentle introduction and baby steps, not only could I succeed, I thrived. I began to understand that with a commitment and consistency, exercise made my life happier and healthier. Now as a mentor to those who are ready to learn how to love and respect their bodies... with a gentle hand and heart, I guide budding athletes raise the bar slowly far beyond anything they ever imagined, helping them to be more loving to themselves, one workout at a time.







Lisa Gurley -- Posture Cycle®, Body Language

I believe everyone should feel comfortable moving in their own bodies. Fitness can be scary, challenging, even daunting. But with nurturing and guidance, we can all get there. I have journeyed through injury and weight loss experiencing the positive effects of exercise realized while working with caring instructors. Focusing on core strength and posture, I will help you on your own journey to become fit and active. I look forward to building your ability, mentally and physically, as you move to the rhythm of great music... revving you up from the inside out, as you realize your own athletic self. 





Francesco Pireddu -- NuYuga (Hatha Yoga)

Yoga teaches us to nurture and explore the most powerful instrument we have: our breath. Breathing, slowly and deeply, allows us to be present at any given moment: there is no past, no future. We are here now. This is what is important and all that matters. By combining breath and asanas (Yoga postures) we have the chance to free our minds and heal ourselves and see things differently. We are truly transformed, both physically and emotionally. In my class. Alignment is a key component in my class, so my students learn how to move soundly and understand the value in moving properly both in and out of class . There is no rush, and nothing is forced … it all comes naturally.







Renee Milkie -- NuYuga (Vinyasa)

After years of having an "on again off again" spiritual practice, I accidentally stumbled upon a vinyasa class - and it was love at first sight. I quickly realized that sequences can be creative and high energy, balancing intensity and deep relaxation. Through yoga, I have learned to listen to my body and what it needs. I recognized a strength that I have been carrying within me and thus, I stopped depending on outside forces to tell me what was right for me and instead looked within. My hope is that through yoga, others can see their own power and strength to live their fullest expression. 







Melissa Nicholas--Posture Cycle®

Born the bookworm in a family of very tall fellas I watched lots of sporting events from the sidelines. However I beg you to avoid calling me an athletic supporter! I finally learned how to ride a bike in my late 30's. One day I accompanied a friend to a cycling class as she said she sits in the back and just listen to the music. This seemed achievable. It was a challenge and I loved it! My exercise dream is that all folks feel comfortable and welcome working out. Exercise is rewarding for everyone!






Jake Rappaport -- Posture Cycle®

Entering the world of fitness as a novice is a scary endeavor. Not only is it new and challenging, it gets us out of our comfort zones, which is uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this is something we must do in order to care for, and show our bodies the respect that they deserve. Feeling strong and healthy is a power that lives in each and every one of us and serves us in ways that are priceless. As a child, I was overweight and struggled with my body image. I set unrealistic goals for myself, so my expectations were never met and I was left feeling like a failure. Now I know that I am and always will be a work in progress, so there is abundant room to learn and grow. We reach higher places mentally by working on ourselves physically. It can be small or big the goal is to simply show up and respect who you are. Let me be an example and guide to support you in discovering how truly strong and capable you are when taught and supported.





Riley Rappaport -- Posture Cycle®

Creating new habits that are out of our comfort zones can be hard for people, especially when we don't know if we'll succeed. That was a problem that occurred in my life repeatedly because I was too scared to try new things. When I was participating in team sports I never felt comfortable and so, I never tried my hardest. I kept telling myself that I was not as good as the other kids on the team and never performed to my full potential. Even though I may have been just as good as the other kids, it took me a long time to find my way to feel comfortable in my own skin. Everyone should be proud of who they are and not measure their worth by comparing themselves to others. Come take my class and I will help guide you to your strongest self through your fitness.

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