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Registration Options ...

12 Hour Registration Rule

-  Schedule and/or cancel classes 12 hours prior to start time

-  Late cancellations are deducted from members accounts

Pop-In Protocol (Late Registration)

For those of us who need more fitness...

at the last minute!

-  There is a $5.00 charge per pop-in reservation.
-  You must send an email including the day, date, and time of the class you wish to attend to:
-  Your pop-in email should be received 2 hours prior to the start time of the class, or we cannot guarantee your reservation.
- If you see a member is registered up to 10 minutes prior to class, you may send a pop-in email, show up at least 5 minutes before class begins and inform the instructor that you are popping into the class.
- Arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins, notify your               instructor of your pop-in, and we will register you for the class.
- If you schedule a pop-in and fail to attend the class, it will be           deducted from your package.

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