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  • Lila (Wednesday, January 14 15 11:21 pm EST)

    NuYu is a great way to get fit! Loving all the classes Ive taken, like yoga and cycling!

  • Susan Silverman (Saturday, January 17 15 12:01 pm EST)

    Susan and team continue to give me the positive feedback and inspiration to keep moving forward!!
    I am grateful to have found a place so welcoming of all shapes and sizes!
    Thank you!!!

  • Carol W. (Saturday, January 17 15 03:43 pm EST)

    I have been a member of NuYu for over a year and see tremendous improvement in my fitness level. Susan employs fantastic, dedicated instructors who care about each member's individual progress.
    Instead of exercising being a daily chore, it has become something I look forward to. The quality and variety of classes is beyond compare.

  • Pnina Halak (Monday, January 19 15 08:58 am EST)

    If you appreciate 1 on 1 attention and a cozy, warm, friendly atmosphere, this is the place for you! NUYou is a judgment free zone- perfect for those who are beginning their journey and those with an
    advanced skill set alike. Try it! You won't regret it!

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I've had a lot of trouble staying with an exercise regime and NuYu seems to have solved my problem!  It's a neighborhood place and while it is super serious about health and fitness, no one ever takes themselves too seriously.  We have fun while we work, the atmosphere is completely non-competitive, and the variety is enough to keep me interested and coming back for more.  It did take me a moment to adjust to the "rules" but in the end it was nothing and the pay-off has been a renewed commitment to regular exercise, a much "tighter" body, and an hour four or five times a week that I really really look forward to.  Congrats to Susan for making this such a great experience, and to all the gals (and occasional guys) who make it fun.

Judy K.

NuYu has introduced me to a whole NuMe. I am overweight and have found gyms to be intimidating, yet I would go whenever I went through my "I'm going to be fit phase." Watching all of the very fit people work on becoming more fit , just wasn't incentive for me. When I came across NuYu, I thought I would give it a try. I was very nervous, but Susan, who is very warm and supportive, guided me through each class. I am so happy to be a member of NuYu Revolution.
-Rafiyah C.

"I like NuYu Revolution because there is a great deal of personal attention. I have enjoyed the very real and accessible approach to exercise. Each instructor I have met is lovely and focuses on your personal needs and getting you to your fitness goals. I like the classes and I am having a lot of fun. Also, there is a terrific online interface for class sign-ups - this makes it easy to find a class that fits your schedule. Don't miss out on the NuYu Revolution!"
-Liz F.

From the moment you walk in, you can feel that NuYu is committed to helping people have a healthier life style. The studio has a personal feel and the teachers and staff are committed to making excercise a healthy and enjoyable part of your life. I really enjoy the gym and classes--and have made NuYu a part of my daily life.
Each teacher has a very different feel and the teachers design the class the way they want. It is important to test out the various teachers and find what works with your style and goals.
The owner, Susan, is personable and truly devoted to helping you become a healthier person.
There are policies that take some adjustment, but are designed to make fitness a commitment. You sign up for classes in advance (ideally 12 hours)-- which I love and sometimes hate on those rainy days. I also know that this means I will have a space in the class. It also means if I sign up-I will show up.
I highly recommend this gym and encourage you to try it out. If you are reading this, it means you should give NuYu a chance.
-Meira K.

The quality of the instructors and classes is excellent. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive in terms of personal growth. I was seeking an alternative to large clubs such as Equinox or New York Sports Club and am thrilled that I found NuYu.

-Nancy W.

It's hard to put into words what is different about NuYu, since I don't have a lot of gym experience to compare it to. In fact, until last year I didn't exercise regularly at all. What I like the most about NuYu is how supportive an environment it is, without being condescending. It has always been a put-off for me, about gyms in general how much more out of shape I feel when surrounded by extremely fit people that spend all their free time working out. At NuYu, it's OK not to be this way. The focus seems to be much more reasonable for non-gym rats like me, celebrating progress more than specific results. As my physician says regarding exercise, "find something you don't hate." There's a lot to not hate about the classes at NuYu.
-David M.

Low key unpretentious and forgiving classes for women of a certain age who are trying to return to a former self. Enjoying every minute and feeling better daily.

-Sue S.

"NuYu is different from other gyms because it's completely personalized. The instructors know your name, understand your current fitness level and goals, and work with you to achieve your goals in whatever manner best motivates you. Even when I don't feel like going to the gym, I still go, something I've never done before. Why? Because someone who knows me and is rooting for me is there waiting for me to walk through the door. NuYu has forced me to make a commitment to my health by making a commitment to me."
-Pamela S.

It is wonderful to have such a small, personal gym on 99th Street! Susan is amazing, and above all, supportive, encouraging and optimistic about whatever hurdle you are trying to overcome.
-Ellen L.

Having lived in New York City for many years I have had a gym membership here and there. A membership at NYSC to name an example but they are all the same really. I noticed if I ever wanted to get results I had to go to a fitness studio for a truly personalized experience. NuYu Revolution is the answer for your concerns whether you want the best posture or motivation to pass a barrier. The instructors are there to make sure you are doing all the moves correctly or your equipment is in the right place for your height or size. Never be surprise to see the founder, Susan Rappaport, greeting you with a smile to shine the whole room before class. Found in the Upper West Side neighborhood where brownstone lined blocks and calming atmosphere give you an escape from crazy midtown tourist central. Change your life and body for the better and choose a class or two with plans. Also I love the website featuring music New and Classic, I visit it to check out songs I don't have on my playlist yet. The fact that they have music that isn't limited to hip hop or techno like you are in a video game is just as innovative to me as their cool classes like their Jelly Bean Cycle.
-Melissa G.

Because of the small intimate setting, you do not feel intimidated to start. All the instructors are so nice and welcoming, and there is no pressure to have the "perfect" body. I know that this year with Susan and staff, I will be able to accomplish my goals for better health and fitness!
-Pnina H.

NuYu Revolution is one of the hidden gems of the Upper West Side. I started with the transition to posture package over the summer and I have loved it ever since. I love the changes I see in my attitude towards fitness and I look and feel much better. It is a win-win all around: I have lost weight, I sleep better, I have new friends, I try new workouts often and I forgive myself when I eat too much. The team is amazing and each instructor truly cares. Susan creates a nurturing environment that makes me want to come back, even during the cold winter days!
Thank you for the NuMe!
-Maria G.

Awesome!!!! I am the youngest member but I find it very cool... I swim but this is totally different. The people help you and you don't feel lost at all!!! Thanks Susan :)
-Anna Clara G.

The personal attention I receive is unmatched. In conjunction with the relaxed atmosphere NuYu is the best choice for those looking to get in shape.
-Tom L.

"I have been a gym rat with a personal trainer for over 15 years so I know about fitness or so I thought until I found NuYu Revolution and its owner Susan Rappaport. Susan is an amazing woman who lives and breathes fitness. She is all about enjoying the workout, proper form, breathing and maximizing your fitness experience regardless of your level. The diverse classes, the personalized attention, the intimate setting, and the passion of Susan and her team of instructors make NuYu Revolution on the cutting edge of the ideal gym experience. "
-Roxanne G.

"NuYu Revolution is a very personal gym. I was shy at first to exercise with other people, not sure that I could keep up, but the instructors adjusted to my needs while still challenging me, and as a result I didn't get lost in a one-size-fits-all situation. Their encouragement has made me more confident and I now strive to do more and be better because I know I can."
-Judy M.

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