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A Note From Our Founder:

Dear Athletes (past, present and future),

As the founder of NuYu Revolution I happily share my struggle with obesity and self-loathing. Decades of failed dieting left me eating disordered and lost. Through much hard work, I learned that only love, caring and respect for myself would bring me back from the depths of my despair. Now dedicated to support those with similar struggles, I guide people back to a connection of mind, body and soul. The journey begins with making time to honor our true homes; our physical bodies.

Convinced I was not a "fitness person," I never gave it a respectable try. I joined gyms, but couldn't connect to the environment. The high expectations I set for myself were so unattainable; I'd always fall short. Finally I made my goals more manageable and appreciated smaller things. I felt uncomfortable rooting for me, but soon I recognized my value and saw that exercise was a gift to me, not a punishment. This idea was so enlightening, that things finally began to made sense.

I started with baby steps and from there my ability began to grow. My fitness philosophy was about progress not perfection, and this doable intention ignited a fire that changed me forever. My body forgave me for hating it, and in just weeks I noticed I was growing strong. Once I realized how capable I really was, everything in my world shifted.

At NuYu Revolution we help our members find their own fitness recipe. Our bodies are made to be strong, so by honoring them with exercise, they serve us in ways most can't fathom.  With that we feel loved by our own selves and can live a life knowing that anything is possible. 

All My Best,

Susan Rappaport



Our Food & Eating Theory:

Learn moderation ... and go off the wagon sometimes

- No More Dieting

- No More Deprivation

- No More Helplessness

- Get Strong Physically and Mentally

- Get Your Mind Off Food and Eating

- Get Back In Control Of Your Life!!!!

Who Is Susan Rappaport?


Inspiration.The amazing transformation Susan Rappaport made in her own life has inspired her to help others do the same. Struggling with being obese for many years, going from diet to diet without success, she finally realized that incorporating fitness into her routine was the essential key to turning life around.

 Today Susan works with clients who are not only battling weight and diet issues, but those who are just beginning their own journey with exercise. Her “Transition to Fitness” credo and belief that “Fitness Buys You Freedom” come to life at NuYu Revolution fitness studio in Manhattan, where Susan offers nurturing support as well as various classes tailored to achieve results and success.  “My mission is to make people feel comfortable with fitness, not be intimidated by it. I want my members to raise the bar and see what’s possible for them, without the big gym environment or judgmental atmosphere of many large facilities.” 

She has run Marathons and completed Olympic Triathlons.  “Its crazy to me that I do what I do.  Without fitness, I would still be a yoyo dieter. In all honesty, no one loves to workout ... just the results!"  There is a place where exercise clicks for people and they do it matter of factly, NuYu Revolution is the vehicle to that place.  Once people get how it's done and taste the rewards, there's just no turning back.  

 Background. A native of California, Susan studied Communications at UCLA then, fell in love with New York City and moved here permanently. She worked at several high-end salons as a hairstylist with a very prestigious following.  Eventually Susan ventured out on her own, incorporated image consulting and has since worked with her devoted clientele in enhancing their sense of style.

Susan has numerous health and fitness certifications including  ...  Private Training, Group Fitness,  Indoor Cycling, Mat Pilates and is a Diet and Wellness Consultant.  The full Pyramid of support NuYu Revolution offers keeps our newly born athletes in an environment conducive for success.  "It's amazing, how much looking good makes us feel good and feeling good makes us look good.  Everyone needs to know that! ... they just have to find a path that is welcoming enough to journey down."

Our Physical Therapy Component

Paul Rappaport ... MSPT

A long-established physical therapist and certified personal trainer, Paul Rappaport not only deeply understands the body’s functionality and potential; he has been extremely successful in rehabilitating clients, and helping them to achieve peak condition.


While he heads his own thriving physical therapy and sports rehabilitation practice in Manhattan, Paul also designs specific benefit-driven classes for NuYu Revolution, a unique new fitness center on the Upper West Side that focuses on beginner and efficient exercise, while gaining optimum fitness as well.

Paul combines an extensive knowledge of the best of personal training with the science and medicine of physical rehabilitation. His professional expertise together with his own history as an NBA-sponsored basketball competitor broadens his understanding of how the body can become injured as well as strengthened and transformed.    


Originally from Long Island, Paul earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from Hobart William Smith College where he also played basketball. He went on to earn his personal training certification in 1993, and his Masters in Physical Therapy from the College of Staten Island. Paul next spent 11 years working at the Mount Sinai Sports Therapy Center on Madison Avenue before opening his own practice.


In his vast experience, Paul has treated everyone from top athletes and Hall of Famers to geriatric patients and stroke victims. He feels strongly that good physical therapy is best enhanced by a strong background in personal training, as the two go hand in hand for optimal recovery and conditioning. Many of Paul’s current clients, in fact, who have gone through the rehabilitation process and healed still continue their work with him to do advanced training.


Paul lives on the Upper West Side with his wife Susan, proprietor of NuYu Revolution, and their two sons, and their family pets. He is a big workout enthusiast himself in spare time. Plus he enjoys relaxing at the couple’s vacation home upstate to balance the busy city lifestyle.


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